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  1. Understanding XML Server

    XML Server can be a Web Server that stores the XML files in it and serves them on demand. The XML Server would have processing capabilities with an XML engine and to transform the XML document to other forms. Basically a server which hosts and serves... more to this article

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  2. SQL Administrator Skills Required to Support Microsoft Great Plains

    Microsoft Great Plains is becoming more and more popular and we see new purchases among midsize and large corporations, where, in our opinion, Microsoft SQL Server DB administrator position is a must. If you are database administrator and you are par... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  3. Benefits of Integrating Online Chat Software with CRM

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy and processes used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. CRM applications are traditionally developed as client-server software. T... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  4. Constructionalist Parsing - Deciphering Natural Language

    The research in the field of Natural Language Processing usually assumes the existence of a syntactic "Generative Engine" that combines words and word-like elements into syntactic structures, and then sometimes displaces them by "syntactic movement".... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  5. Mapping Software: Putting Data Visualization on the Map

    Mapping Software Improves Data VisualizationFrom the outset, it is important to clarify exactly what mapping software is and what it has to do with data visualization. If you are looking for driving directions for your next road trip, t... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  6. Microsoft Great Plains: Large Scale Implementation

    Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, Solomon and CRM are coming up to satisfy ERP needs for large corporation, including multinationals. In this article we will be describing Microsoft Great Plains as the MRP platform, fitting... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  7. A Simple Guide To Wikis

    A wiki is an editable text-based website. But you don't need to understand any complex HTML, or anything like that to use a wiki. A wiki is really only a little bit more complex than a word-processor, but MUCH more powerful, because instead of only b... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  8. Software For Your Hard-Drive

    All your software is stored on a hard-drive. But how about software FOR your hard-drive - private disks, partition managers, disk defragmenters? Here is the scoop on the latest tools.Paragon Partition ManagerThe program is suitable for ... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  9. Are You Waiting for Microsoft Longhorn Operating System

    I love new technology. I am still ready to wait long for Longhorn. I have tried almost all operating systems of Windows series. My interest in Longhorn is building up day by day and the reason is..! From beginning Microsoft is very successful to proj... more to this article

    Article category: Software Information

  10. Microsoft CRM Implementation for Large Corporation ? overview

    Microsoft Business Solutions CRM is now approaching the phase of being mature product and the CRM solution you may consider for large publicly traded company. Our view point considers the fact of multiple platforms and systems coexistence and balanci... more to this article

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