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How To Get Your Mail Past The Gatekeeper And Into The Hands Of The Decision Maker GUARANTEED

There are several ways to get your information into the decision maker's hands.

Use "The Stealth Mail Method". You've heard the expression if it walks like and duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. Everyday the gatekeeper sorts through the bosses mail just like you and I do. Right over the trash can. If you don't make it into the "A" pile you're done for. So make your mail piece look like a personal letter. Don't use a business envelope that telegraphs "THIS IS FROM THE XYZ COMPANY" Use a plain #10 envelope without any return address, or if you use a return address make it from you. Your name and address so it resembles a personal mail piece.

Don't use the company postage machine. If you go to all the trouble of the plain envelope don't flag the screener with the business postage indicia that says "Hey I'm trying to pull a fast one on you!" Use regular old postage stamps so it appears to be even more like a personal piece of mail. Statistics show if you use more than one stamp the likelihood of your piece being opened increases. Consider putting the stamp on a little crooked. Don't be anal and be sure it's the same distance form the side as from the top. This will give you another bump.

If you can hand address the envelope this is another sign it is from a person. Blue ink is best. Again don't make it perfect. Of course by all means DO NOT spell anything incorrectly, especially their name.

If all else fails, send your letter in a pastel greeting card envelope. Have a female (if your writing to a guy) hand address the letter. Then soak it in perfume. I guarantee the secretary will not open that piece no matter how tempted she is. Of course you better have some great information and an explanation that you really have something important you need to get to your target.

Now that you have the mail in his hand, when you call and the screener asks what are your calling for you can say Mr. Jones is expecting my call. It's in regard to a piece of correspondence he received.

Happy mailing and let me know you these tips work for you.

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James A. Bower is the Co-Founder and President of Bower Income and Profit Systems a company dedicated to enhancing business performance in many areas through tapes books and seminars. His presentations include sales, marketing, telephone skills, motivation, goal setting and achievement, telephone equipment and voice mail design and business organization for efficiency. He is an internationally recognized instructor and is the recipient of many awards in recognition of his successful efforts in assisting businesses create a more efficient environment resulting in maximum profits. He has had the opportunity to speak for groups as a large as 5000 and can get his points across to any size audience.

James has been actively addressing business issues and solving business problems for over 30 years. He is available to make presentations to company staff or for individual consultation.


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How To Get Your Mail Past The Gatekeeper And Into The Hands Of The Decision Maker GUARANTEED information

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