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  1. Everyones Favorite Topic - 3 Tips for How To

    I believe that everyone understands that no matter what business you are in- Real Estate, Financial Services, Teaching, Auto Sales any other profession, we are all in the PEOPLE BUSINESS. It's been said that fully 85% of your success in life is direc... more to this article

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  2. Selling with Purpose

    Selling With Purpose What is it about selling that makes you afraid? Do you get nervous at the hint of having to sell? Is it the fear of rejection that scares you? Is it the fear of not being able to communicate effectively? Define You... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  3. Selling Abilities - Part 1

    Selling "-abilities": Reliability (Part 1 of 4) Most salespeople love to talk about their "-abilities": Reliability, Upgradeability, Compatibility and Expandability. Salespeople feel stronger and more confident when... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  4. Selling -abilities : Part 2

    In the last article I talked about different strategies for selling the 'reliability' aspect of your software or hardware. I mentioned how most high tech salespeople love to talk a... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  5. Ten Quick Etiquette Tips for Business Lunches

    Knowing what to do when meeting a prospective client forlunch, or going to lunch with the boss or colleague can beconfusing at times. Here is a quick list of items toremember: 1. Be in the present moment with whoever you are with.... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  6. I Am A Habit

    JOHN DI LEMME on "I Am A Habit"H-A-B-I-T...When 95% of people hear this word, a negative thought pops up in their minds. Typically, most people think of a habit being negative. The secret to your future lies in your daily habits so ask yoursel... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  7. Miracles are Your Responsibility!

    John Di Lemme on "Miracles are your responsibility"Miracles are your responsibility! What does that mean? Simple...You have a responsibility to create miracles in your own life. The responsibility lies on your shoulders. You cannot blame anyon... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  8. 5+5 = Your Dream

    JOHN DI LEMME ON "5 + 5 = Your Dream" I know your thinking...Okay John, 5+5 does not equal 5 so let me please explain. Let's start with a question. How many times have you heard that you need to have a "long term" goal and be focused for th... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  9. Selling Commodities

    "How do you create a perceived value to differentiate yourself from the competition, when you are both selling a commodity?" That's a question I'm often asked in my seminars. It uncovers a problem that is spreading to almost every industry. T... more to this article

    Article category: Sales Information

  10. Stuff We Make Up About Our Prospects

    ? Go through the "no's" to get to "yes." ? It takes X number of "no's" to get 1 "yes." ? Every "no" brings you closer to "yes." I've heard these statements in so many sa... more to this article

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