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Napkins, Matches & CoastersFrom $17.99 Welcome BagsOn SaleFrom $1.99 Stationeryby Wedding Paper Divas powered by Find a couple's wedding web page Ready to plan your destination wedding or honeymoon? Start now! Dreams and Secrets Resorts & Spas A toast is a basic form of human expression that can be used for virtually any emotion from love to rage (although raging toasts tend to cross the line into the realm of curses). They can be sentimental, cynical, lyric, comic, defiant, long, short, or even just a single word.

Toasting is still an important custom on such high and formal occasions as state dinners and diplomatic receptions. Yet in this realm, a different kind of erosion has taken place. Official toasts- which have always tended to be light, friendly, and anecdotal-have become political vehicles in recent years. Increasingly, they are long, windy, political addresses. museum curators, brewers, distillers, vintners, and old friends-I have been able to collect something on the order of six thousand different toasts from which the examples in this book were culled.  

Write the Wedding Speech--  write your rough draft Wedding Toasts Tips-- some tips for helping you More Wedding Speech & Wedding Toasts Ideas Wedding Speech Openers    Speech v. Toast Do's and Don'ts of a Wedding Speech you prepare, write, and deliver a wedding speech and wedding toasts. Wedding Speech ReviewsSide by side comparison of wedding speech products. Best Man SpeechesGain confidence with proven best man wedding speeches & toasts. Groomsmen Speeches



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