The Friend Who Taught Me

Knowing her day can be dreadfully tiresome when she mounts her soapbox, there's much to like and enjoy about her life so far.

When she describes the understandings of her existence and its climactic moments, I compare with other ordinary people as they go through their day, terrified of what may come their way. In my opinion we all take for granted the health of our kids, and our daily gifts. Most of us grew patience when our kids were infants and woke us up at two in the morning, as this has never stopped for my friend.

My friend has challenges most of us don't. To accept these challenges delivered to us is usually hard to do.

My friend faces her day with an open heart as she shows love and attention to all who surround her.

She has a real flair; her pleasure and excitement are thoroughly contagious. When I walk away from her presence, I feel different, as if I now understand a big piece of her challenges.

In my opinion we all take for granted the health of our kids, and our daily gifts.

Though she does surprisingly little for herself, when those brief moments are implemented they are very well deserved.

She gives to me as if I had been her friend forever and without any ties or expectations. Her best ingredient is her survival.


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