Romance Matters

You are never too old and it is never too late to romance that special someone whom you love. There are so many things to do and so many ways to do it. So often, we have merely gotten out of the habit.

Just remember: a relationship never goes stale. It only falls into neglect and disrepair. But as I said, it is never too late!

What is it that makes your partner feel all warm and fuzzy inside? A night out on the town? A quiet corner table in a softly-lit restaurant? Holding hands while watching a sentimental "chick-flick"? Walking casually in step, side-by-side, holding hands in the cool of the evening? Perhaps reading to one another?

Find those little "hot buttons" again. Find what it is that turns on the heart light inside your partner. Then play that soft music and give them an evening of gentle relaxation and cosy togetherness.

A gentle massage? Hmmmmm. Sounds good to me!

Remember, too, there two additional PDA's at your disposal. Public Display of Affection and Private Display of Affection. They both can be put to good use and may be used, appropriately, often.

Send your special someone a personal greeting card. You know the kind. Nice picture on the outside and blank on the inside. Then hand write a verse on the inside. It can be something of your own creation or someone else's. It doesn't really matter. What will be noticed and appreciated is that you took the time to do it yourself. Personal attention is the real key to romancing your special companion. You are never too old and it is never too late. So start making plans to do something nice and out of the ordinary. Start today!

Here's a sample verse of my own you may use in a card if you'd like to:

I touched you and you smiled
The brilliance of your face
Lighting my world
Infusing my soul with joy and
Hope for a brighter day
And I was warmed
For you touched me, too.

Make the effort. Make the card. Send it today. OK?


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