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How do We Change our Self Esteem Perception?

Many of us have heard about the power of positive thinking to effect a change. The idea is not new, it stems from modern psychology as well as from ancient spiritual teachings. In each case, an individual is encouraged to avoid negative thoughts and to replace them with positive and hopeful messages.

Think of your brain as a massive computer bank with a huge memory. A computer is programmed to respond in a certain manner, when given input. We can even alter the data that comes out if we program it to do that. The same can be said for the brain.

Try this exercise. Close your eyes and imagine that you are going to make a lemon chiffon pie. You go to the counter and pick up several lemons to use in this creation. Cut the lemons in half and smell that citrus aroma. Imagine holding the lemon under your nose. Now take a bite of the lemon. What happened? I would guess that your mouth puckered up and saliva began forming in your mouth. In reality there is no lemon. But your brain hs been programmed to prepare the mouth in the event citric acid is about to enter it. Can you thus understand just how powerful your brain is? If it is programmed without our even knowing about it, how might it respond when we actively train it?

Affirmations are a wonderful way to program our behavior and beliefs.

Karlynn is originally from Southern California but moved to Arizona to work on her Master Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and also specialized in addictions. She owns The Employee Assistance of Tucson, providing counseling and training for employees and their dependents. It is very rewarding work.


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