Holy Mantrimony

In the last couple of weeks, the catholic war machine has been running on all cylinders to oppose the legitimacy of homosexual marriages. I would invite the pope to take a look behind him and see just where he was less than a year ago with the Church itself was mired in controversy. Apparently, the pope has no problem with sexual intercourse between a man and a boy, as long as he is at least a priest and can conduct his "affairs" discreetly. But when two people of consenting age decide to share their lives together in love and with commitment, it is a crime against GOD? And for them to forget about adoption because of what it might do to the child! The pope seems to be in such contact with his omnipotence that he is oblivious to the world around him.

Children today already have 2 fathers: the one they look nothing like but takes care of them, and the one they go see every 2nd weekend. 1 out of 2 marriages in North America end in divorce and children who have 2 parents at home are walking into schools with guns.

I for one am not homosexual, nor do I wish to see two man embracing each other on billboards, or on the street. That does not give me the right, however, to enforce my beliefs on anyone. Not as an individual and most assuredly not as an organisation. 2 same-sex individuals are of no threat to me. My values and my standards are my own and cannot be endangered by the love of 2 people. If we were to listen to the Pope, and take action that force homosexuals to stay in the closet, we are the ones inflicting pain to others. And let's be clear. We will not just be hurting homosexuals, but their friends and family and I will tell you why:

Homosexuality is a fact. It is a not a state of mind but a state of being. Most of us know who they are. It is just obvious in a lot of cases, like the colour of skin. Homosexuals are coming out of the closet in greater numbers, leaving their wives and children behind to be who they are. We must open our society so that they can be "freed" before they are forced to assimilate into our "normal" lifestyle. They must be allowed to live. and love without fear of repercussion. And most importantly, they must be allowed to care for their loved ones as we do ours. They must be allowed to grieve at the loss of their loved ones like we do ours. A homosexual must be treated as an equal. I should not have to argue that fact. Women and fro-Americans have a long documented history of struggle, pain and finally triumph. Why must we force yet another "minority group" to suffer?

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