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Do I Need A Real Estate Survey?

Getting a survey before you close on any real estate is very important.

Some people actually buy real estate without having a survey done. It is not a requirement from the financial institute, so does that mean you don't need one?

By getting a survey you will not only get a blueprint of your property you will get your property lines marked out for you. Most importantly, you will find out if there are any infringements on your property like a neighbors fence, a neighbors tree, a neighbors driveway, etc.

A survey can tell you many things.
It will disclose any easements you might have on your property. Easements can be a fire lane or an access road for the local Power Company. These easements cannot be blocked, built on in anyway to prevent the lanes from being accessed. You could have a city or county easement on your road front property anywhere from two to ten feet into your yard you might not know of. This gives the city or county use of this property for power lines, phone line and even city water drainage. Although you might have to mow this lawn the city has the rights to its use.

A survey will show you if your property has a right of way for the property behind your property. A right of way is incorporated onto your property and must be available to the property owner behind you to get to and from their property.

If the survey conveys a property infringement you can delay the purchase until the infringement is moved or back out of the deal if necessary. Easements will not be removed.

A survey can and will give you peace of mind and knowledge about your property preventing any unexpected surprises later. Knowledge saves you money and anxiety.

You decide if you should buy real estate without one!


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