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Five Simple Steps to Speed up Your Computer

Most people download and save so much information on their computer that before long the computer starts slowing down and the user has no idea what the problem is. However, even if you are not a computer whiz there are several things you can easily do to speed up your computer quickly and easily.

Tip #1 Defrag

One of the first things you should do if you want to speed up your computer is to defrag. This is something you can easily do and a wizard on your computer will help you defrag. You might want to do it overnight, however, because it can take a long time.

Tip #2 Spyware Remover

Download a good spyware remover. Most computers have a lot of spyware running in the background, stealing information and slowing down your computer. Remove it frequently if possible.

Tip #3 Empty Temp Internet Files

Most Internet browsers save your last visited web pages for up to 30 days. If you don't want all of those pages saved then change the days to one or two, or none, whatever meets your needs.

Tip #4 Turn off Active Desktop

When you turn of active desktop that will be one less thing using memory on your computer. Plus, you won't really notice the difference.

Tip #5 Antivirus Programs

Make sure you have a good anti-virus program and use it frequently. If you are deleting virus and preventing them from feeding on your computer then you will have a faster computer as well.

Once you perform these simple tasks you will be amazed at how much faster your computer runs and with so little effort.


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