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Contact Lenses and Eye Glasses, How is Your Vision?

Notice friends getting contact lenses and pulling out eye glasses?

"What do you recommend?"

I find myself asking people what looks good to them, what do they recommend or can they summarize the directions on a medicine bottle more often now than ever before.

It's called presbyopia. This happens when the eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on near objects. You may first notice presbyopia, farsightedness, trying to read a menu in a dark restaurant or working on your computer, adjusting the distance to reduce eye strain.

At first you may think trouble reading is temporary or at least won't get worst, but sadly over the years this isn't so.

As we age presbyopia will get worst. Our vision changes, it is considered a normal part of the aging process and typically becomes noticeable in the 40-45 age bracket.

Fortunately, the over 40 crowd has more choices than their parents when it comes to correcting near vision.

Today's baby boomers can choose from:

    ? Reading glasses - many frame styles and lens colors to choose from.
    ? Multifocals ? for those needing a little help seeing close-up, as well as a little farther out.
    ? Computer glasses ? get headaches or blurred vision looking at your computer screen? You may need intermediate vision correction, glasses designed for the intermediate zone.
    ? Trifocals ? offering 3 prescriptions in one lens. The wearer can focus on objects through different points in the lens when looking at different distances.
    ? How about bifocal contact lenses ? offering the convenience of contacts and providing the ability to see both far and near. Bifocal contacts are very popular today in fashion, for convenience and because they are so affordable.
    ? Cosmetic contact lenses ? colored lenses and special effects lenses to both correct your vision and enhance your appearance.
    ? Eye surgery ? both laser surgery and Conductive Keratoplasty are used to correct farsightedness. Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) is a non laser procedure for baby boomers with trouble seeing in the near and intermediate range.

Today, there is no reason to limit your vision. The eye care industry offers a lens or solution for almost any vision problem. See your eye doctor to find out your options. Those over 40 should be seeing an eye doctor at least every 2 years.


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