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You Get What You Pay for when it Comes to Above Ground Pools

When you think about an above ground pool do you think of the inflatable toy baby pool? That's what I thought and boy was I wrong. In fact, above ground pools are really nice quality and are sometimes the best solution for homeowners. Having the pool be less expensive is a nice quality also. Inground pools can take a long time to install and are very expensive to maintain as well. There are some problems with installing above ground pools if you don't do them right. They are fantastic, but the installation is a big part of enjoying them to the max.

Some of the common problems regarding above ground pools are:

? Poor quality walls or liners of the pool (under $2500)

? Poor installation techniques

? Poor filtering media such as sand

? Inadequate pumps don't match the filtering system

? Poor quality pool accessories

If you purchased an inexpensive "cheap" pool you can expect more problems. If you experience leaking, don't bother to fix them. The problem will only get worse. As in most things you get what you pay for. These pools can be a waste of money and only if you plan on using them one summer should you even consider a purchase like this. A common problem is a mismatched filter and pump. You don't want a filter that is too small with a pump that is too big. Bigger does not necessarily cost more. If your pieces don't match, you will blow dirt into through the filter right into the pool. Get the properly matching systems from the very beginning and you will experience fewer problems. If your pump is a half horsepower, you should have the smallest sand filter of twenty one inches. Your sand must come in a bag that says it is filter sand. Don't try and use sand from the local beach or sand that is labeled sandblast quality. That stuff is cheaper, but it won't filter well. Y

ou'd be surprised what a difference this can make to the filtering of your pool. Since bigger is not always better, you might waste electricity if you try to install a large system. When it comes to purchasing a pool cleaning system, the best thing to do is to get a money back guarantee. If the pool cleaner you have doesn't do the job to your satisfaction, make sure the dealer will take it back. The best pool cleaners can be very finicky when it comes to above ground pools and some only work best in inground pools. Just know you can take it back and get something different if it doesn't do the job. If you want to eliminate all of the problems that are possible with above ground pools, I don't know if that is a one size fits all answer. Purchase a good quality name brand pool from the very beginning, one that has a warranty, repair kit, and buy the best matched equipment possible. Listen to your gut instead of the salesman and you will enjoy your pool all summer long.


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