Building Your Own Home

Most people think building their own home involves vast knowledge of all aspects of the home building process. The impression of most people is they don't really know enough to build their own home. Let's face it, most of us know a little about the process. Some of us may know a lot about one aspect or the other involved in building a home. You may know how to paint or do carpentry work or lay tile, but you probably don't know everything about home building.

What is so different about building a home than the rest of major tasks that we take on in our everyday lives? Right now I am typing on my laptop over a wireless connection that is networked to the Internet. Do I know how all this works? Nope, I just knew how to put it all together and eureka, I can do it! Well we all know it is not that simple sometimes with computers, but my point is you don't need to know everything about something to do it.

In this age of the Internet with it's endless sources of information and connection to other people that have the knowledge you need, almost anything is possible. So why is building your own home any different? It isn't really, let me tell you why. First a little background about the building process.

Most of us buy a home that is built by a builder, or general contractor. The General Contractors hire Sub-Contractors to do the work, or essentially build the homes. The Subs put up the framing, roofing, siding, flooring etc? Normally the General contractors employ building supervisors to watch over the building process. They are the managers that have day-to-day contact with the subs. This process is not really complicated.

So what is so mysterious about building your own home? What do the builders have access to that you don't? Nothing, this is the fact that not to many people know. I built my own home. Am I some kind of rocket scientist, not hardly? The fact is you can save thousands of dollars and have the home of your dreams. We saved 40% and have a beautiful home that is exactly what we wanted.

You have access to the Building Contractors, House Plans, land, materials and financing. You just don't know it! You see the General Contractors just put it all together and present it to the masses, at a hefty markup of course!

Building your own home is very similar to all the other important tasks that you have mastered in your life. You study the information follow a process and commit to the task. Is it easy no, is it worth it, yes.

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