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  1. Are Hair Loss Treatments Just One Big Scam?

    The hair loss industry is not one that inspires great confidence in most people. I have to admit this is perfectly understandable given the damage caused by the many rogues and charlatans who have abused the trust of far too many vulnerable people - ... more to this article

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  2. What Are The Common Hair Loss Causes?

    One of the most worrying aspects of hair loss treatment is the tendency of so many people to seek solutions without first determining what has caused their loss in the first place. At best, sufferers may waste money on inappropriate 'wonder cu... more to this article

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  3. Treatments That Offer Hope To Hair Loss Sufferers

    Many people experiencing premature hair loss simply resign themselves to a process that is as inevitable as growing old. This is a positive and healthy reaction to what is a natural process for many. But for others the onset of premature balding or e... more to this article

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  4. Develop A Strategy For Dealing With Premature Hair Loss

    The fact you are reading this probably indicates you have concerns about the rate of your hair loss. Baldness may sometimes be a source of amusement to those with a full head of hair, but premature hair loss at any age can be the cause of intense con... more to this article

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  5. Treatment Options Available To Hair Loss Sufferers

    The hair loss treatments outlined here cannot provide definitive cures for all hair loss conditions, but they do represent regimes that many sufferers have found useful. In other words, they are examples of potential solutions that many patients have... more to this article

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  6. Do Natural Hair Loss Remedies Have Any Real Relevance?

    The effectiveness of modern hair loss treatments is clear for all to see, but many people simply prefer not to use strong chemicals or non-natural substances. If you fall into this category, does this mean you'll just have to accept an ever-de... more to this article

    Article category: Hair Loss Information

  7. Is There A Role For Nutrition In Dealing With Hair Loss?

    Could something as basic as inadequate nutrition really contribute to excessive shedding of hair? Does sensible nutrition have a role to play in helping hair to regrow? The answer to both questions is yes! There is no doubt that poor nu... more to this article

    Article category: Hair Loss Information

  8. Top Nutritional Tips To Support Healthy Hair Growth

    1. Eat adequate amounts of protein. Protein is composed of the amino acids essential for the building of new cells, including hair. Five amino acids are of particular relevance to hair growth - cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysin... more to this article

    Article category: Hair Loss Information

  9. Herbal Hair Loss Remedies That Offer Hope

    Herbs hold an obvious appeal for many people because they support the body's natural healing mechanisms to target the cause of the problem, as opposed to merely tackling the symptoms. It would be wrong to present herbal hair loss remedies as a miracl... more to this article

    Article category: Hair Loss Information

  10. Herbal Hair Loss Remedies For External Use

    In a separate article in this series we looked at some of the most popular herbal hair loss remedies for ingestion. Here we'll expand that theme to include some potentially useful herbal remedies for external use. Aloe vera - some Indian tribe... more to this article

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