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7 Ways to Self-Promote Within Your E-zine

We all know that an e-zine won't attract and keep subscribers without offering insightful, practical content. If you only drone on and on about how wonderful you and your services/products are, your readers won't stick around for long.

But let's think about WHY you began your e-zine in the first place. It was likely to use it as a vehicle to promote you and your services/products, right?

You have every right to toot your own horn in your e-zine, as long as you don't drown out the useful content your readers are looking for. You work hard on your e-zine, so let's make your e-zine work foryou!


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  1. Does Your Subject Line Do the Job?

    It's proven that the FROM field of your emails is the MOST important factor in getting your messages opened. But after that, it's surely the subject line.Many ezine (email newsletter) publishers seem to consider their subject lines as aftertho... more to this article

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  2. Gosh, What Am I Going to Put in My Email Newsletter THIS Month?

    So you decided to put out a monthly newsletter, because "that's what smart marketers do." This is a terrific idea! After all, really good content is the way to your readers' hearts, and everyone loves to receive presents in the mail (or, email in thi... more to this article

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  3. 6 Ways to Catch More Opt-ins Than Ever Before

    Remember that when you have new visitors at your website, your #1 goal is to get them on your ezine list! That way you have permission to contact them again and again, educating them about your helpful services and products that they came to learn mo... more to this article

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  4. Work Less, Earn More As An Infoproduct Publisher

    There's no doubt, publishing information products to sell online is a thriving, exciting and very rewarding business.For many though, the product development and marketing curve simply seems too steep.How do you find the time to publish... more to this article

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  5. Email Filters Catch Dolphins Along With Sharks

    What's the point in spending hours preparing a newsletter, message or report if it's automatically filtered into the junk folder before the recipient even sees it? Spam threatens to choke the communication channels promising global freedom of ... more to this article

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7 Ways to Self Promote Within Your E zine information

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