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  1. Herb Filled Pillows Make Over a Million Dollars

    Lauren Rosenstadt was a single mom working at a herbcompany in Bethesda, Maryland. A herb (pronounced "erb") isa plant that has medicinal, savory, or aromic qualities. Oneday while at lunch with a friend whose daughter sufferedfrom in... more to this article

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  2. The 9 Key Distinctions of Successful Solo-Entrepreneurs!

    SUCCESSFUL Solo-Entrepreneurs approach life and business from a perspective that is new, fresh, and rather unorthodox. The differences are subtle, yet significant. These distinctions are more than just fads or interesting tips; they are direct, measu... more to this article

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  3. 10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs - Ignore these at your Peril!

    1. Do What You LOVE: If you've chosen your business because you read that this niche was the next hot one, or because your favorite uncle (or your best friend) thinks you'd be well-suited for this business, you may as well pack up now and save... more to this article

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  4. Reducing the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

    Starting and running your own business can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very stressful. For most of our almost 40 year marriage my husband has been an entrepreneur and I have sometimes worked with him. Having built my own business as... more to this article

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  5. 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Shoot Themselves In The Foot

    Entrepreneurs and their businesses have a tendency to ambush themselves when they aren't looking. This affects how much revenue they can generate, how fast their business rises, and even if they survive after the first few years. If you feel there is... more to this article

    Article category: Entrepreneur Information

  6. Lessons Learned from Successful Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are a special breed of high achievers. They create things, get things started: businesses, clubs, churches, associations, even nations. Their motivations vary. Not all want to be rich. Not all want to produce a Fortune 500 company. Some... more to this article

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  7. 7 Lean Marketing Laws For The Inspired Entrepreneur

    The following laws will provide guidance on how to act,think and work in a lean way. You can apply these laws toall areas of your life, work and business to get biggerresults from the time you invest. 1. Multiple RewardsAim to ... more to this article

    Article category: Entrepreneur Information

  8. Electronic Tools for Entrepreneurial Success

    "Half of any job is having the right tool" was one of the earliest lessons I learned from my father growing up on a farm in Nebraska. As an organizing and productivity consultant, it continues to serve me well.As a business owner for... more to this article

    Article category: Entrepreneur Information

  9. Traits of The Successful Entrepreneur

    Want to know why certain people succeed and others don't. Well successful people have certain traits? Do you have them? Business has changed a great deal over the years. We now have computers, the internet and because of the internet - web pa... more to this article

    Article category: Entrepreneur Information

  10. 5 TIPS for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs

    Have you ever heard that only a small part (5%) of 'all' Home-Based Business entrepreneurs achieve success?Do an online research on your favorite Search Engine and you will understand what I mean.In this article I'm going to show you th... more to this article

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