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  1. Chronic Depression: Disease or Charcter Flaw?

    A major survey on depression symptoms from the National Mental Health Association (NMHA), released in july 2001, revealed a dramatic degree of progress in public understanding. Yet even amid this promising trend, the survey sheds light on the difficu... more to this article

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  2. The Patients Guide to Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression

    INTRODUCTION Everybody has a story. My story is the one I know best and can write about. It is not a memoir of chemical dependency or self-abuse. Those subjects have been written about many times. This is a story of my w... more to this article

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  3. Depression in Teenagers: Now What Can We Do?

    No doubt you have seen the recent news headlines about a federal panel that recommended to the FDA that anti-depressant medications carry the strongest possible warning label for use in children and teenagers. This recommendation to the FDA shook the... more to this article

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  4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Depression Are Not The Same Thing!

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a very misunderstood illness and this is perhaps why there are so many myths about it. Perhaps the most common myth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that it is effectively... more to this article

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  5. New Treatment for Chronic Depression

    Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Treatment-Resistant Depression About Vagus Nerve Stimulation VNS is not brain surgery, although it is a treatment that affects the function of the brain. Vagus Nerve Stimulation uses specific ... more to this article

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  6. ADHD and Depression -- More Common Than Thought

    "Thanks for Noticin' Me" says Eeyore. He walks slowly. He looks sad. He doesn't accomplish much. He's just glad to be noticed. This is Eeyore, the stuffed donkey who is so often in need of his tail being pinned back on. Eeyore is a good pictur... more to this article

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  7. 5 Tips to Reduce Depression

    While war and poor economic conditions begin to affect people all over the world, more and more people suffer with depression. The more we focus on news events and the business climate, the more we are depressed. Whatever the reason you feel is the c... more to this article

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  8. 7 Things You Can Do Immediately To Ease Depression

    1. Get out now and walk fifteen minutes. It will get your feet moving and help you feel you are at least able to do something.2. Go immediately and be with someone who loves you. It will give you the feeling that you are wanted.3. Relig... more to this article

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  9. Is it ADHD or is it Depression?

    During the assessment process it is of great importance for the physician or clinician to consider other possible causes of inattention, impulsivity, or hyperactivity in your child, or teen, or yourself. In fact, this is probably the most important e... more to this article

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  10. St Johns Wort and Depression

    The bright yellow flower of the St Johns Wort (hypericum perforatum) with it's ray-like petals, represents the power of the sun that forces away the darkness. This already points to the anti-depressant effects of the St Johns Wort which are highly re... more to this article

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