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  1. Its Time For Some Steak

    Recently, I was reviewing our website statistics. One of the sites that had a link to mine caught me by surprise. Since this is a family publication, I won't include the name of the website. But, let's just say it contains a four-letter word that peo... more to this article

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  2. The Positioning of Success

    Many businesses of today are often driven to compete striclty on price, quality, and features of their products and services. Companies who prosper over the long term don't simply offer the best deals, the best quality, or the most impr... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  3. The Brand Called You

    The best brands always try to do the right thing, so that their reputations will remain unsullied. But beyond that they grow, evolve and get better with time, while maintaining their special qualities f... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  4. Id Buy That: Getting A Brand Mindset

    Feel that? The crisp tingle in the air? It's fall. Fall ushers in the promise of eating, seeing, and getting. It's my favorite time of year. By now, kids are settled into school, sweaters set free from mothballs, and it's an amazing time to... BUY.... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  5. Are You Brand Worthy? Are You Brand Worthy?

    Branding is a one hot topic, although it is wildly misunderstood. To make things even more confusing, branding is often tossed in the same basket as marketing which makes its application to an entrepreneur or sole-practioner even more unclear.... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  6. Branding Is Not Selling Out: ITS SELLING IN

    Ever see an amazing band perform and wonder why you've never heard of them before? Ever see an astonishing artist on the street and wonder why isn't their work isnĀ¹t in a gallery? Ever see an astounding independent film and wonder why people all ove... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  7. Don?t Get Caught In the Trap: The BIG Difference Between Personal and Business Branding

    When you're all alone in the privacy of your home office, surrounded by your computer, your phone and your business idea, have you ever asked yourself, "Where's the line between me in my business and the business in me"?With hundreds of thousa... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  8. Too Dull? Too Sharp?

    You work hard getting the right cover message and words for your brochure. Now, you want to give it a look, an image.Why a look? Most consultants see themselves as hard working and pragmatic. They believe the look of their materials is unimpor... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  9. Notable News - The Branding Myth

    How many times have you heard of seen advertising for a graphic design company that states that they do branding?If you think branding is a logo, letterhead, or web design with all the same look, and colours, then it's true...they can "... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information

  10. Naming Names... How to Name your Business

    Sometimes the best inspiration comes from hearing about the deconstruction of other company's names. For you, I am happy to share how I came up with "Slice A Day :: your slice on marketing"... First the purpose and vision of my site was to ha... more to this article

    Article category: Branding Information



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