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  1. Writing Quality Blogs

    Writing?Blogs?Blogs are on-line journals where people express themselves through writing. Writing?Writing is the process where one puts down words of a language on a format that others can read. This process has not been around very long, to use one ... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  2. Blog Problems

    What in the world is up with the world of blogs? Blogs are meant to be this great new technology where people can share their ideas and interests with others around the globe. As far as I'm concerned the state of blogs is one of chaos, confusion, and... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  3. Writing Good Blogs

    There's a lot of blogs out there on the Web, most of which don't entice one to go back regularly to read updates. What is missing from these on-line journals that would essentially make them 'good' blogs? Well, the answers in life usually come down t... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  4. RSS is a Life Raft, Saving Us from a Sea of Useless Information

    One of the main problems with the Internet these days is the fact that there is so much information out there; it can be quite hard to find the particular knowledge that you're looking for. It can often feel like you're surfing waves of thick chocola... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  5. Blog Reflection

    I still consider myself to be a blog writing novice but as I've got a few entries under my belt I can tell you about an unexpected bonus of this journaling process. A lot of people think that blog writers are just people who are tooting their own hor... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  6. Feed The Need: 5 Ways To Use RSS To Boost Your Business Or Organizational Success

    RSS (it stands for Really Simple Syndication, among other things) is a relatively new technology that allows anyone who creates frequently changing web content - news, blogs, current events, etc. - to deliver their messages to interested readers with... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  7. What Is This RSS, XML, RDF, and Atom Business?

    It's been a long day at work and you're in no mood to cook dinner or go out. Time to count on the reliable pizza delivery guy. The order is called in and he promptly arrives with smokin' hot pizza within 30 minutes as promised. If it were only that ... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  8. Is a Blog Right For Your Business?

    Lemmings are cute, but dumb. If you tell them to jump off a cliff, they will. Just like the people who start blogs because everyone is doing it. Guess what happens after a little while? The blogs die. In managing a list of many Web sites, mo... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  9. RSS & How to Use It (part 1)

    Have you ever read an article, intended to explain RSS in simple terms that, begins well, but soon descends into confusing jargon or information overload? If so, take heart, I was in the same place a few months ago. Often the best way t... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds

  10. RSS & How to Use It -- Part 2

    Welcome to part 2 of the article that aims to give you just enough information to help you understand RSS and start using it. Part 1 gave you simple instructions on how to read and subscribe to an RSS site feed, part 2 will give you simple ins... more to this article

    Article category: Blogging, RSS & Feeds



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