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What is Digital Nail Art?

How is the procedure performed?

After the nails are given a basic manicure, which involves cleaning the nail, removing the cuticle and any dead skin around the edge of the nail.

  • The nails can then be given a base coat (usually a strong white) to enhance a coloured design.
  • Or if the client wishes to have a natural look in the back ground of the design, then no base coat is required.
  • Then the activation coat is applied - this ensures that the design dries quickly.
  • The client chooses their design either from preset designs or from thier own picture - which can be scanned into the computer.
  • After placing the hand into the machine the design can then be printed.

    How long does it take?

    The printing itself takes approximately 10 seconds per nail, and depends on the design - sometimes even quicker. The whole process including nail preperation and drying of coats in between can take 15 minutes.

    How long do the designs last?

    They last as long as a normal nail varnish treatment. With the application of two thin coats of clear nail varnish - paying special attention to the tips, then if you are carefull with your nails, the designs can last up two weeks or longer.

    Are the inks and varnishes dangerous?

    All the inks and varnishes have been tested to comply with all safety standards and are perfectly safe.

    Are your hands safe in the machine?

    Your hands are placed insde a special cradle which holds the nails at a safe distance from the printer head. The Printer actually sprays the design onto your nails, so you don't feel a thing. If by any chance, you happened to move your fingers whilst in the machine, the sensitivity of the safety cut out will stop the printing immediately.

    Can it print a French Manicure?

    Certainly can, just use the white base coat and the machine can print the french manicure with more flair and design than you could ever do with air brushing.

    Can it print toe nails?

    Yes, fashion now goes a step further, and the world of design and art is now available for your toes.

    Where can I get digital nail art?

    At any reputable nail salon, if there isn't a machine in a salon near you, then tell them to get a machine so that you can try it out.

    To make the most out of this technology, the professional nail technician would have to be experienced with general manicures and pedicures. These are the basics to any nail care business, but also a knowledge of computers and how they work is advisable. The software is easy to use, but the process needs a bit of practice in order to become proficient. With expert guidance and advice from a reputable company, then using this new technology will enhance your business and bring colourfull designs into the lives of many clients nails.


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