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Help Prevent Wrinkles Through Dieting

How many times has your mother told you, you are what you eat? As you probably know, Mom knows best. So it's no surprise that what we feed our bodies does affect what the final product is. For healthier, younger skin it's no different. But what should we eat in order to have the radiant skin we all covet? Here is a list of simple things we can all incorporate into our diet to help fend off wrinkles.

Fish Meat. Salmon especially. Fish meat is stock full of protein. Consuming more good protein like fish meat will give cells the fuel they need to repair themselves.

Dark-green, leafy vegetables. Another thing you've most likely heard from Mom: eat your vegetables. Again, she's right. Foods such as romaine lettuce or kale will help prevent your skin from ageing. Rich in iron and vitamin A, these vegetable will assist in healing damaged skin.

Nuts. Nuts are a valuable source of iron and zinc, and are an easy add on to most desserts and dishes. Almonds are replete with zinc which also will boost skin restoration.

Berries. The most fun food for last. Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries ? yummy!) have hundreds of different recipes for dessert time. A healthy-skin diet doesn't have to be a boring one. Berries are rich in strong antioxidants which will aid skin defense.

Just remember these easy things the next time you're strolling through the grocery aisles. Eating these foods will arm your skin cells with the necessary tools to help preserve and keep your skin looking young.


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