What is Sound Therapy?

As energetic beings, our electromagnetic energy field (aura) vibrates at specific frequencies. When there is an energy distortion, clutter, blockage, etc, the vibration of the energy field gets clogged, bogged down and heavy. What does this mean to you?

When your energy is clogged or bogged down with 'heavy' (slow moving) energy, physically you experience greater levels of fatigue, leg/joint aches, headaches, digestive trouble, and more. From an emotional level it can mean experiencing a 'heavy' feeling, slight depression, anger and frustration, or just generally feeling blocked. Mentally, lack of clarity, confusion, unable to make decisions, mental fatigue and lethargy are all symptoms of stuck energy.

Sound Therapy is a form of vibrational energy work. Unlike Reiki and Polarity Therapy or crystal work, sound therapy uses sound vibration to clear, open and cleanse the energy field. Sound therapists work in many formats, some using toning, meditation, color therapy, etc. Many practitioners utilize several ancient musical instruments for healing including Tibetan bells, tingshas and rattles.

A sound therapy session lasts approximately one hour with a brief consultation before and after. The session is very soothing and many people fall asleep during that hour. Several experience energy in the form of seeing colors, having memories surface, feeling tingling sensations, or pulses of energy moving through their chakras. The person lies fully dressed on the massage table while sound is applied in their energy field above the body.

During each session, clearing of the energy field, including any particular trouble areas takes place, then an opening of each chakra with a gentle realignment is performed. The person may share experiences and sensations as a greater understanding of their personal energy field is introduced.

It is recommend to drink large quantities of water for three days following the sound therapy session. Toxins and heavy energy that has been released must flush out of the person system and needs water to facilitate that cleansing process. After three days of flushing, most people experience new energy sensations, greater clarity and sense of purpose, an increased energy level for their physical body and a new feeling of wellbeing.

Sound therapy is a wonderfully gentle and soothing process that is very similar to taking a warm bath, only you are being bathed in sound. It brings a wonderful relaxing feeling into your physical body while it soothes the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

© 2004 Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is an Intuitive Counselor who assists clients to create extraordinary transformations in their everyday lives. Her work is uplifting, empowering and success-oriented. You can visit Jodie's website at http://www.illuminationsnetwork.com for further information and to schedule a private intuitive session. You can also look for weekly updates to her blog at: http://intuitiveinnovations.blogspot.com.


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