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Starbucks Green Tea Frappachinos, Can They Prevent Cancer?

Starbucks now offers the Green Tea Frappachinos, yes I had one and they are very tasty indeed. We all know green tea helps prevent many types of cancer, not to mention a host of other things. Green Tea is very good for your body. Starbucks makes their green tea frappachinos with Green Tea powder derived from Green Tea Leaves. As you watch them blend your drink you will probably wonder if it will taste good, if it can really help. Well you are in luck on both accounts. Although it might be a little on the fattening side at least you know it is doing good things inside your body due to the green tea.

New research seems to indicate that green tea does in fact protect our bodies from getting cancer. Well few of these things are as good as green tea researchers say, of course the Chinese have been saying it for 10,000 years. A brand new research now shows that the phytochemicals in green tea are absolutely incredible. Something that the Asian cultures have known throughout their history, in fact it is quite well known that green tea is known to prevent many forms of cancer such as; Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Colon cancer, Lung cancer and Breast cancer.

Some say that if green tea was a medicine or drug it would be considered more of a wonder drug than most other cancer drugs. Green tea is considered by many to be a powerful herb, which is wise to incorporate into our diets. There are presently no known side effects for green tea, yet it appears to be one of the most incredible anti-cancer compounds around. And now you can get it as a Frappachino. Life is good isn't it.


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