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Some O. H. & S. For You To Consider

Clicking a mouse isn't exactly vigorous exercise, so I thought we might consider a little Occupational Health and Safety. If you're like me, you spend quite a few hours each day 'slaving over a hot computer' - and it's probably one the most sedantary things you can do.

As well as some exercise, there are several things you should pay attention to concerning your workspace.

Your chair.

Often in home offices, we sit on any spare chair available that probably isn't really the right height relative to the desk we are using. These mis-matches accelerate the onset of fatigue as we work with a bad posture. Ergonomic chairs have height adjustments to match you to your desk - you can adjust the height so that your elbows are at a comfortable height relative to the desk top. This makes typing more effortless than it would otherwise be.

Your posture

You should not slouch when working at your desk. This produces a restriction in the diaphragm movement as you breathe resulting in shallower breathing and hence less oxygen in the blood and to the brain - which can make you drowsey. Good posture allows for deeper breathing, helping to avoid drowsiness.

Your eyes

As you work with your computer you should look away from the screen regularly. When you are looking at the screen constantly your eyes are focussed at a fixed distance. Over an extended period the little muscles that control the lens in your eyes become tired of holding that fixed focus and can start to ache. By looking up into the distance regularly you give these muscles the chance to move and focus on different distances. Gazing out the window is healthy !

Three tips to make you more alert and productive.

About The Author

David Berghouse.

(Copyright 2004)

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