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Powerbreathe, Lung Conditioner, and Breathing Exerciser

What is The Powerbreathe?

POWERbreathe is the result of nearly a decade of research, and was designed by professional exercise scientists at Birmingham University and Loughborough University, UK. There are three models designed for specific uses: Wellness, Fitness and Sports Performance.

POWERbreathe, a hand-held inspiratory muscle trainer is a unique, simple-to-use, drug free product designed to help maximise sports performance, improve fitness and reduce breathlessness. It uses the basic principles of resistance training, with adjustable load which caters for all capabilities and permits progressive training.

'Dumb-bells for your lungs'

Just as you might use weights to strengthen your arm muscles, breathing in through POWERbreathe for a few minutes twice daily, makes your inspiratory muscles work harder - thereby increasing their strength and endurance. It is an easy-to-use, drug-free, hand-held device with a comfortable mouthpiece. Within a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger and within four weeks your lung function, and ultimately performance, will improve.

Fitness Powerbreathe

This version of the Powerbreathe is ideal for recreationally active individuals, helps improve fitness levels, makes breathing feel easier during exercise.

"My experience as a sport scientist and respiratory physiologist has demonstrated that good (comfortable) breathing technique is only possible if your breathing muscles are in good shape. Our research has shown that training with POWERbreathe gives breathing 'power and reserve', making a workout more comfortable and enjoyable" - Dr Alison McConnell

Sports Performance Powerbreathe

This version of the Powerbreathe is an essential aid for athletes looking for a competitive edge, proven to enhance performance by 30%, used as a warm up aid, boosts inpirational muscle performance.

"My research over the past decade has convinced me that the work associated with breathing limits athletic performance. Athletes who want to maximise their performance should address their breathing specifically, because their normal training fails to do so. Our research shows that training with POWERbreathe increases the power and endurance of breathing and improves athletic performance significantly" - Dr Alison McConnell

Wellness Powerbreathe

This version of the Powerbreathe alleviates the symptoms of asthma, reduces breathlessness, relieves symptoms of emphysema and bronchitis.

"Breathing problems due to illness, or simply getting older, can become a barrier to doing the things we used to enjoy. Our research has shown that using the POWERbreathe restores breathing power and reduces breathlessness in those with conditions such as asthma or emphysema" - Dr Alison McConnell


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