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NMT: Trigger Point Therapy and What to Look for in a T Bar

Massage therapy is as ancient as noodles. People have been striving to reach a state of ultimate comfort and efficiency, while at the same time, cutting the work load.

I believe that is a great goal to work towards, and I want to highlight how my experience with Sorbo Vibe rubber has changed my life! I recently heard from a co worker of mine that attends a massage school in Texas about a true blue massage tool that took the classic trigger point staple, the t bar, and made it more comfortable and ultimately better.

In my occupational field of massage therapy, every little bit helps.. When I tried this Sorbo Vibe t bar, I was amazed! Their uniquely created polymer is smooth to the touch, and perfectly hard, allowing just enough give to acheive the vibratory absorption needed to relieve the stiffness associated with t bars I have relied on for all these years. It makes perfect sense once you get to touch the smooth blue polymer they're so proudly calling Sorbo Vibe.

For those of you unfamiliar with t bars and NMT as a whole, I strongly recommend you take the time to unwind with or without the massage tool. If you have not discovered the miracle of trigger point therapy, then you surely are holding more tension and muscle stiffness in you than I am.

Fit or not, the body stores tension deep within the muscle tissue, and t bar massage tools have been the answer for so many massage therapists to this day, that massage schools all across the globe require their students to learn the ways of the perpindicular shaped massage tool and trigger point therapy as a whole.

My friend and massage therapy partner has changed my life and though my job is still rigorous and constantly active, I am confidently able to say that massage tools beware! Sorbo Vibe has created a solution to make comfort more accessible to those working so hard to comfort everyone else on a daily basis.

Ask your family doctor or chiropracter about trigger point therapy and massage therapy in general as an alternative or supplemental level of therapy for any muscle related fatigue or stiffness. Having frequent headaches? NMT, might be just what the doctor ordered!

Give it a shot, I promise the t bar is your friend and will always be a mainstay at the therapists office.


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