Holistic Health

Holistic Health involves natural treatment options like holistic health nutrition, herbology, environmental medicine, energy work, mind-body medicine, anatomy, and many other holistic health practices.

Holistic health allows an individual to be treated naturally and establishes a positive balance between body, mind and spirit. Holisitc health encourages self-healing. Holistic health promotes detoxification by utilizing cleansing herbs. Holistic health also teaches nutritional guidelines that enhances proper diet and longevity. Holistic health also means taking the recommended vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements to make our bodies function more effectively.

Holistic Health encompasses preventative and maintenance programs. But it also enables us to learn alternative healing methods like Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, acupressure, herbal and plant remedies and so much more. There are well over 100 medical conditions like cancer, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and many others that can be helped with holistic health medicine today.

In modern society, there are countless advantages to holistic health remedies. If you or someone you know is interested in learning about the benefits of holistic health or would like to contact a holistic health practitioner, Holistic Junction has a directory listing of many, professional holistic health specialists. Simply go to "Directories," click on Business Directories and we'll help you find one close to you.

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Alternative Medicine articles

  1. Treat Cold, Flu, and Ear Infection the Natural Way

    With or without medication, the cold or the flu can give you real trouble. You can choose from a variety of medications that can give you some relief in symptoms or you can take the natural approach that may prevent, speed your recovery and help you ... more to this article

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  2. Homeopathy

    Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine used for over 200 years. Introduced to America in the early 1800s, homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars ("like cures like"). Homeopathy is still used very effectively in patients around the globe.... more to this article

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  3. MSM: Enhance Your Overall Beauty, Your Hair, Nails, And Skin While Reducing Allergic Reactions

    Welcome to another exciting issue of "The Home Made Medicine e-zine".This time you are going to be blown away by the article I'm about to put in your hands, if you are really serious about your health, you will jump and run to your h... more to this article

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  4. How to Use a Footbath with Herbs

    Recently I read a book by William L. Fischer called "Hidden Secrets of Super Perfect Health at Any Age", Book II, 1986. In chapter 10, The F-M Circulizer System, he discusses the use of an herbal footbath. After reading this chapter, I unde... more to this article

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  5. Holistic Methods: Color Therapy and Aura Soma in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    The human body is recognized as a series of colors, detectable only in the last fifty years with the technology of Kirlian Photography. The colors relate to the body's subtle energy fields, known as auras and chakras. Although these fields have only ... more to this article

    Article category: Alternative Medicine Information

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