Hemorrhoids & its Symptoms

Hemorrhoids are conditions where there is a swelling of the veins around the anus. The veins may be inflammed sometimes. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the anus or the rectum and the external is found external to the anus or rectum but near them. The internal hemorrhoid may sometime protrude and it is called protruding hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are caused due to straining in moving the stool.

The common hemorrhoids symptoms are blood in stool, rectal bleeding, blood on toilet paper, anal itching, anal swelling, and pain during bowel movement. The complicated hemorrhoids symptoms are gastrointestinal bleeding, anemia, thrombosis, and strangulation. There is two types of hemorrhoids are external and internal.

The most common in internal hemorrhoids symptoms is bright red blood covering the stool, or on toilet paper. In the external hemorrhoids symptoms are sever paining and swelling, hard lump around the anus. Other hemorrhoids symptoms are itching, too much of straining, rubbing or cleaning around the anus may cause paining or irritation, it leads to the bleeding.

In the complicated hemorrhoids symptoms, gastrointestinal bleeding is severe, it cause bleeding in stomach, blood while vomiting, blood in stool these are symptoms for gastrointestinal bleeding. Anemic is also one of the complicated hemorrhoids symptoms it causes due to weakness. Stomach ulcer is also hemorrhoids symptoms it is caused due to eating lots of spicy food, and not having the food in the correct time. In the thrombosis hemorrhoid symptoms it may lead to complicated heart attack, stroke and so on. Another hemorrhoids symptoms is strangulation, it means that blockage in the veins.

Internal hemorrhoids symptoms are more severe than external hemorrhoid symptoms. As doctor says any hemorrhoids symptoms are not possible to identify in the first stage. The development of hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids symptoms are identified by diagnosing complicated hemorrhoids symptoms like gastrointestinal bleeding, anemic and so on. Above said are the symptoms for hemorrhoids.


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