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Generate More Sales in ANY Affiliate Program ? Part Two

Incentive Marketing, Incentive Marketing, Incentive Marketing?

It doesn't matter that there are potentially thousands of other affiliates promoting the same program because from today onwards you are going to create an unfair advantage. Today you are going to learn some of the skills to becoming a SUPER INCENTIVE MARKETER.

And to be a SUPER INCENTIVE MARKETER you need to create an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

The advantage that is EXCLUSIVELY available through you, and ONLY you. I'm talking about the advantage that can't be found anywhere else. An advantage that if they want to buy the product because of what you are offering, they have to buy EXCLUSIVELY through you.

For those who are getting lost, let me give you an example from the real world.

Two weeks ago I was looking for a DVD/Karaoke player. My requirements were simple; I just had one criteria, ? cheap. I found two players, from two different suppliers that fit my criteria, which were exact in every way.

EXCEPT?one supplier decided to create their own UNFAIR ADVANTAGE by offered a free microphone and a couple of free DVD Karaoke discs.

Now of the two suppliers, which one would you have chosen? And on that note I need to mention here that what works in the real world, works in the cyber world.

Today, right now in fact, you need to make a list of unique and exclusive advantages why the average Joe Schmo should order through YOUR affiliate link and not one of your competitors.

It is time to think outside the square?.and let me tell you, you don't need a lot of money to create that UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. To start the creative flow of ideas, let me suggest something, that you, yourself, are a hot commodity, you're unique, you have exclusivity over yourself. Think outside the square.

Ok, now the rest is up to you. Watch out for PART THREE of this SIX PART series.

I'll leave you with the saying. If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you've always got.

To Your Online Success!


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